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Microsoft Technology

Data Protection Manager (Beta product)
Suncore’s Smart Cloud Managed Backup servicesprovide end-to-end, BACKUP AND RECOVERY services to help you protect your business data, regardless of where it's stored. Our solution helps:

1.Helps provide security-rich, managed protection of critical data onsite or offsite for increased availability
2..Helps reduce total cost of ownership with cloud-based data backup solutions
3.Helps ease management of various industry regulation requirements.
Our professional experts untiring and seamlessly efforts especially for robust and flexible protection and recovery to the Microsoft virtualization Environments. Backup is either consistent or inconsistent. To make a consistent backup, database must have been shut down cleanly and remain closed for the duration of the backup. All committed changes in the redo log are written to the data files, so the data files are in a transaction-consistent state. When we restore data files from a consistent backup, we can open the database immediately. If the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode, then we can make inconsistent backups that are recoverable using archived redo log files.

Suncore’s Data Backup and Recovery gives you a robust suite of capabilities, including the following services:

Offsite Vaulting
Enables you to restore and deliver data from legacy backup media, or convert historical data into usable formats for secured retention and easy access, so you can quickly identify the information you need, when you need it.

Restoration and Migration
Enables you to restore and deliver data from legacy backup media, or convert historical data into usable formats for secured retention and easy access, so you can quickly identify the information you need, when you need it.

Online Storage Services
Cloud-based data backup solutions to help you administer and monitor your server backups simply and reliably, with point-and-click restoration via a web browser.

File System Contains:
Suncore’s File SYSTEM Services includes technologies that help you set up and manage one or more file servers, which are servers that provide central locations on your network where you can store files and share them with users. If your users need access to the same files and applications, or if centralized backup and file management are important to your organization, you should set up one or more servers as a file server by installing the File and Storage Services role and the appropriate role services.We at Suncore Microsystem work on file system it is the methods and data structures that an operating system uses to keep track of files on a disk or partition it is the way by which files are organized on the disk. This is also used in to refer to a partition or disk that is used to store the files or the type of the file system. A file system can be thought of as an index or database containing the physical location of every piece of data on a hard drive.

We at Suncore Microsystem work on different area of file system:
1.Disk file systems
2Optical discs
3.Flash file systems
4.ape file systems
5.Database file systems
Disk file systems : We at Suncore Microsystem work on the Disk file systems takes advantages of the ability of disk storage media to randomly address data in a short amount of time. Additional considerations include the speed of accessing data following that initially requested and the anticipation that the following data may also be requested.

Optical discs : We at Suncore Microsystem work on the Optical drives retrieve and/or store data on optical discs like CDs, DVDs, and BDs (Blu-ray discs) which hold much more information than classic portable media options like the floppy disk

. Flash file systems :Suncore Microsystem Professional includes a Flash File System that allows embedded applications to create, save, read, and modify files in standard storage devices such as ROM, RAM, Flash ROM, and SD/MMC/SDHC Memory Cards.
Tape file systems: we at suncore Microsystem work on Tap file system which represents a resource like a data file on the local file system, on a Hadoop distributed file system, or even on Amazon S3. Taps can be read from, which makes it a

We at Suncore delivering the business values to the clients in the complete transformation of the IT related issues. Our team of Dot Net experts is embarking extensively on all the components of .NET technology like Web Services, .NET remoting and .NET Compact Framework on small devices to deliver inordinate business value for customers. It does this by proactively investing in understanding and assimilating the business benefits that each .NET technology offers.We at Suncore also Works On Microsoft Exchange Server which is the foundation of many businesses critical communications systems. Exchange administrators are among the most important in any organization and need a deep understanding of a range of topics including operating systems, network protocols, high availability, backups and disaster recovery, spam and virus prevention, security, and the end user experience.We also work on Microsoft office project server that gives administrators the ability to export a list of all projects, which can then be used for troubleshooting. For organisations considering system integration, it provides a valuable way to quickly identify both projects and template ID numbers so that developers can ensure that data is correctly mapped to the right project.

The Roles of Suncore Professionals are mentioned as given below:
1.Testing validation of the existing applications and products.
2. Web Services based Application designing development.
3. Windows Application Development.
4. Customized Software Development.
5. Migration of legacy applications to Microsoft Technology.

Domain controller (DC)
Suncore Microsystem work on domain controller which is a server on a Microsoft Windows or Windows NT network that is responsible for allowing host access to Windows domain resources.The domain controllers in your network are the centerpiece of your Active Directory service.It stores user account information, authenticates users and enforces security policy for a Windows domain.

Remote Monitoring Technology
We at Suncore Microsystem Work on REMOTE Desktop Protocol which is an extension of the T-120 family of protocol standards. A multichannel capable protocol allows for separate virtual channels for carrying presentation data, serial device communication, licensing information, highly encrypted data (keyboard, mouse activity), and so on. As RDP is an extension of the core T Share protocol, several other capabilities are retained as part of the RDP, such as the architectural features necessary to support multipoint (multiparty sessions). Multipoint data delivery allows data from an application to be delivered in 
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