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SAP Technology

Suncore Microsystem has emerged to partner with firms and industry verticals towards enhancing profitability by leveraging on SAP’s unique capabilities. Technology has changed the way business and industry operates, communicates, and develops to make profits and continuously create value for customers.The success of any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system depends on a number of factors - meticulous planning, promptness in deploying right applications and utilizing right expertise in managing project expectations. The challenges of market consolidation, and the growing demand for reducing IT costs has brought to the fore the inordinate benefits of SAP applications. An emerging strategic issue has been to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Suncore Microsystem is an end-to-end SAP services provider. We have helped companies and businesses to outsource their non-core business systems and processes. We also help industry verticals to reduce TCO, enable better management of resources and capital with greater focus on core business competencies. Suncore Microsystem’ offer of end-to-end SAP services is characterized by-

1.Best business and technology acumen
2SAP Practice empowered by an experienced team of dedicated SAP consultants.
3.Garnering relevant tools, methodologies, templates & accelerators
4.Well determined and established tactical and strategic objectives
5.Sustain lower costs and ensure faster returns and mitigating risks

Suncore Microsystem has dedicated SAP consultants with rich on-the-project experience. Our consultants have worked with different industry verticals across the globe and have successfully completed SAP implementations worldwide. Our experience and expertise in SAP implementations meets the enterprise applications needs of SMEs and large businesses equally. We help businesses to gain the advantage. We at Suncore consultants helps in configuring, implementing & supporting SAP solutions, that best suit customer's business practices. It is only after comprehending the unique requirements and complexities of client's businesses that an appropriate SAP application is evolved for implementation. We at Suncore work as a virtual extension of our client's design and development environment providing 24x7 services.

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