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Data Warehousing

Suncore’s technological experience coupled with domain expertise provides a strategically aligned and custom-fit DW-BI solution that precisely matches your business requirements. Suncore offers Data Warehousing  to provide historical, current and predictive views of your business operations thereby detailing insights to enhance your decision making process. Suncore has provided data warehousing solutions to Telecom, Retail, Healthcare and Entertainment domains. With its rich experience in ERP/CRM systems like SAP and Siebel, Suncore can build data warehouse and business intelligence solutions using the data from these systems. Suncore can build custom logic for extraction and reporting using various programming languages like C, VB, C++, Java, C# and Perl.

Suncore microsystem provide following services:

1. Building Data marts/warehouses
2. Master Data Management
3. Reports, Dashboards and scorecards
4. Business Activity Monitoring / Proactive Alerts Development

Data Mining Solution

Suncore's data warehousing services gives organizations a flexible, effective and efficient means of getting critical information that has come to represent one of the organization's most valuable assets. With trained and certified consultants dispersed around the world, Suncore expertly blends functional expertise with technology leadership. We can help you design, develop and maintain world-class information solutions that address a wide array of business requirements in accelerated fashion.

Application Benefits:

Interactive reporting

1. Dashboards
   2. Role based access control
  3. Ad hoc queries 
4. Financial planning
  5. Top down planning
  6. Financial consolidation
  7. Compliance solutions 

Business Benefits:

1. Reporting enhancements
2. Dashboards
3. What-if analysis
4. Control on decision making capabilities
5. Better planning cycle
6. Consolidation of data
7. Compliance improvement

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence becomes effective when it provides insight and helps you predict outcomes. Suncore Business Intelligence helps you track your mistakes, control your present and forecast future results based on your business decisions. Suncore has a proven track record in Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence. We have offered our solutions to a list of eminent customers across different industries and verticals.

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