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Wireless Application Protocol

We at Suncore Microsystem offer Mobile Wireless Application development services such as :

WAP: a platform for media phones
WAP is the platform for media phones. It provides an open universal standard for bringing Internet content and advanced value added services to mobile phones and other wireless devices.Suncore provides WAP technology, products and services to the leading telecommunications companies. At the same time, Suncore Experts help its client organizations in their critical constraints of the wireless world: like limited bandwidth, challenging conditions of use, and the specific user interface and processing characteristics of mobile phones.

Mobile phone usage: breaking the records:
A mobile phone as an access device has four important attributes: it is personal, mobile, trusted and usable.Suncore enables the user to communicate at any time regardless of location.

Business applications: WAP means money:
Suncore provides an open technology platform for offering new and innovative services to the consumer market and a wireless channel for existing services. Suncore improves the performance of employees’ productivity and business performance through continuous mobile access to corporate intra- and extranets.

Suncore Microsystem designs and develops wireless application protocol (wap) for banking, brokerage, insurance, unit trust, and hospitality markets. The company’s products include handyMail and handyWorkgroup, enterprise mobile solutions.

Architecture of the WAP Protocol Stack
The following diagram illustrates the general architecture of the WAP protocol stack:
1.Application Layer (WAE)
2.Session Layer (WSP)
3.Transaction Layer (WTP)
4.Security Layer (WTLS)
5.Transport Layer (WDP)
6.Bearers (GSM, CDMA,)
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