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Mobility Solution

Mobility is considered as the most diverse technology innovation in today's business world. In the past few years, mobile devices have grown from just enabling business emails and data on the move, to introducing capable applications and services that change the way companies do business. Mobility helps companies leverage contextual data to reach out to customers effectively. As Collaboration, connectivity and communication are the need of the hour for organizations. It is a constant endeavor to improve employee interactivity and create seamless experiences for customers while having real-time engagements with the field force. Mobility is redefining the rules of user experience with anytime, anywhere availability and is now a necessity for future-ready, borderless global enterprise.
Mobile technologies today have unlocked immense business value, and unleashed innovative solutions to help businesses grow. Enterprises are at the apex of realizing the immense potential of mobility.

Managed Mobility Services
The success of enterprise mobility solutions largely pivots on management of devices, applications, platforms and business operations for risks, cost surges and a smooth end-user experience. We offer managed services across the lifecycle and ecosystem of enterprise mobility.

As the number of users and devices continue to grow, applications need to be provisioned for users and security needs to be maintained over transactions. All these issues underline the importance of managing devices and applications.
We provide the following services:
o Over-the-air (OTA) application and policy, provisioning and upgrade
o Security management
o Asset management
o Hosted or on-premise managed services for end-user support and helpdesk
o Order and spend management
o Mobile Device Management (MDM) migration services
o Implementation and support services
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