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Engineering & Industrial Services

The multifold growth in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and poor data quality has become challenges in information management. They restrict business from utilizing the information effectively. Suncore addresses these challenges by exploring the hidden value of information assets to enhance organizational decisions.

Suncore offers end-to-end DW services – Reporting and Analytics, Maintenance and Support. Our offerings include data warehousing implementation, analytics, data mining, data quality and master data management. Our business result-oriented approach ensures return on information.

Suncore is effective in providing data ware services by providing features like Data explosion, multiple views of raw data, rising costs of maintaining multiple data sources and implementing basic data to cater to various data initiatives.

SUNCORE's expertise lies in:

Data mart
Data Mart is the simplest form of data warehousing that focuses on single functional area such as sales, finance or marketing. Data marts are mostly created and controlled by a single department within an organization. Given their single-subject focus, data marts usually draw data from only a few sources. A data mart can also be referred to as access layer of data warehouse environment utilized to get data out to users..

We at Suncore faster product innovation, improve operational efficiencies and shorten time-to-markets with ours’ Engineering Services and Solutions. It is said that for an individual to have a successful business environment around them is to have the best friend in the work place. We work closely with our client organizations even at their work place our experts are deployed to engage as an intelligent partner in dealing to resolve the technical problem. Our technical experts help in designing engineering and industrial products. We at Suncore deliver our valuable contribution to our clients to their engineering and industrial issues’ resolution. Our services are equipped with new product features catering to local and global market both.

How Suncore assists its clients

• By providing New Product Development (NPD) Solutions: Product Design, Product Engineering
• By providing Product Manufacturing with a focus on Mechanical Design, Embedded Systems and Engineering Automation
• By providing Plant Solutions and Services: Process Plant Engineering, Digital Manufacturing Solutions, Manufacturing Execution & Intelligence (MEI), Control Systems Solutions, Sourcing Solutions and Integrated Asset Management
• By providing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions: PLM Business Consulting, PLM Product Implementation and PLM Support
• By providing Geospatial Technology Solutions: In-depth geo-spatial information system capabilities to implement and integrate geo-spatial technology with other business systems
• Our intellectual property, products/tools and strategic alliances, built over years, leverage our capabilities to address customers’ needs.
• Our value added services, solutions and product design assistance enhance market share and customer’s return on investment (ROI), reduce total cost of ownership, and enhance visibility of manufacturing of assets.
• We understand the factors that drive the industry and provide innovative solutions that deliver engineering excellence and operational efficiency, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition.

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