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Suncore provide Database Administration services including Installation & Configuration of Databases, long term maintenance, on demand support, Performance Tuning, Backup & Recovery Strategies. In addition to the Administrative Services, we provide Analysis, Design and Development services for databases.Our database support services provide you the flexibility and scalability for all your database activities covering database production support and supporting databases for applications in development.

SUNCORE’S Database Services help you build and manage databases efficiently and cost-effectively, with years of experience in providing database administration services for various customers across different industry verticals. SUNCORE is a pioneer in the database services and has been providing Database Administration (DBA) services, for More than 5 years. Suncore’s team of database administrators are proficient in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, Sybase and DB2 database technologies. We leverage Lean Six Sigma and other IT optimization methods to deliver world class Database administration services.

1Database design and implementation.
2Database upgrade and patch updates.
3Database cross platform and RDBMS migration.
4Database capacity planning.
5Database backup design and implementation.
6Database archival and purging strategy


Microsoft SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2012 can be a data storage backend for different varieties of data: XML, email, time/calendar, file, document, spatial, etc. as well as perform search, query, analysis, sharing, and synchronization across all data types. Functionality has been integrated with the database engine. According to a Microsoft technical article, this simplifies management and improves performance. 
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