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Electronics Industry

Monolithic electronics manufacturing is over and has been replaced by an environment in which networks of designers, manufacturers and fabricators need to collaborate seamlessly in a globally integrated approach.

Suncore’s  Application Services addresses the demands of the electronics industry through specialized skills, technology and tools that can increase IT's responsiveness to business needs and drive standardized global business processes that are required for enhanced competitiveness.

Our Services:
To capitalize on new high technology opportunities and achieve high performance in the Electronics need robust capabilities.We at Suncore delivers expertise through experience & know-how of today’s growing IT demands. Our Service Delivery manager acts as a central point of contact to the client for all their planning, implementing, monitoring & maintenance purposes.
1.Business system technology planning.
2.IT budget analysis.
3.Project planning and management.
4.System requirements analysis and design to meet business objectives.
5.Software package selection and implementation (ERP, CRM, etc.).
6.Manage IT operations.
7.Optimize Workstation Functionality and Support.

We are successfully facing the challenges  for semiconductor (low market growth, falling chip prices and shirking product life cycle),consumer electronics(innovative design, benchmarking, convergence of various technologies in a single product) and industrial electronics(high reliance on technology, continuous product innovation) and for office automation(low profit margins due to global competition, constantly changing customer’s need.

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