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Mobile Solutions

Mobility solutions have become an indispensable part of our lives making the boundaries between personal and professional, home and office invisible. With fall in cost of mobility infrastructure over one third of the global workforce is stated to become mobile enabled.

Suncore has envisioned that in the coming decade mobile solutions will take the revolutionary face driving business organizations. Enterprises will develop ultra-modern ways to connect with employees, partners, channels and end-customers and the given advancement of NFC, LTE location services enterprise mobility is set to drive innovation and create new business models with enhanced mobility insurance to generate a sustainable competitive market.

Though there is strong business adoption of enterprise mobility, some of the key impacting reasons for low pace of adoption are:
• Enterprises often find themselves grappling with adoption because of dispersed customer base, platform and technology choices.
• Leadership teams at enterprises believe that mobility solutions can cater the needs of mobility market however absence of a strong business case for returns hamper the pace of executive decision making.
• Efficiently build and deploy mobile apps that run smoothly on a wide variety of devices. Upgrade quickly and often. Unlock back-office capabilities to create a better front-office engagement.

Where you and your customer meet
Mobile apps are where you greet and serve your customers. Building powerful and scalable apps that run on a wide variety of devices is a crucial first step.

Have your computing platform do the work
the very point of IT is to harness the power of computing. Why would you want multiple systems that can't communicate in real time? “Mobilize” your back-end data and apps to get the best possible business outcome from every transaction.

Key Services

Advisory Services

Organizations face hurdles in creating and marketing a coherent mobility strategy aligned with their business due to rise of multiple platforms for the application development. Suncore extends its services in this domain and caters to such needs of enterprises.

Mobile Application Development

Suncore Microsystem has a dedicated mobile center of excellence. The workforce has outstanding expertise in multiple platforms, devices and architectures. We don’t just design for specification but design for performance as well.

SAP Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is no longer a “Nice to have”. We live in a Post PC era where the rapid adoption of Mobility among consumers, employees and partners and the resulting business impact have made it inevitable for enterprises to revisit their Enterprise Mobility Strategy.

Smart Mobility Solutions
Suncore utilizes the valuable information that mobile phones give such as location, identity, connectivity and a host of useful tools apart from providing cheap computing power.

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