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About us
Suncore Microsystem, a leading IT services provider to small, medium and large enterprises world-wide. Our determined responsibility towards our customers has helped us create long-standing customer relations. Suncore Microsystem has its presence in the various metros of the country with which we have become a consolidated IT service provider across the country. Our employees through their undiluted commitment, excellence and passion seek it as their responsibility to provide the utmost superior service to our customers .We have a workforce of experts who specialize in providing unbeatable IT solutions, developing custom applications across various domains such as e-commerce, banking, media, entertainment, gaming etc. and offer following services:

Customers become partners in business
Engineering and R&D services
Outsourced Product Development (OPD)
IT Infrastructure Management (RIMS)
Managed Services

Work at Suncore Microsystem

You are backed by intellect and driven by values
At suncore microsystem, we are ‘backed by intellect and driven by values’. We seek solutions for future and build them today. To help us do this, we encourage you to challenge the status quo. With us, you are empowered to not just think of breakthrough ideas, but also bring them to life with a powerful global ecosystem of consultants and engineers that help execute these ideas.
Exciting career paths:At Suncore exciting career opportunities are for you to build up a bright career in consulting & technology– from formulating business strategies to working on cutting-edge technologies like cloud, mobility, and big data to managing some of the most complex projects for small, medium and large global organizations.
Innovation is in our Genes:We see innovation beyond ‘finding the next big thing’ or ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ projects. To us, innovation also means thinking of new, more profitable ways to do old things. This helps our clients work smarter and lead their respective industries, even when the going gets tough.

Our vision: “To be the technology partner of choice for forward looking clients by collaborating with them & then transforming technology into their business growth.

Our services and business solutions are strengthened by alliances with leading technology partners. Our network of alliance and teaming relationships creates business value, reduces implementation risk and accelerates go-to-market.

We work with our partners to boost their revenue growth, expand markets and geographic reach, facilitate sales process, and enhance product and service offerings.

Suncore Microsystem and its alliance partners jointly deliver business solutions that address our clients' business and technology problems. We address specific clients’ needs as well as develop tools and methods to accelerate the successful deployment of solutions while reducing risk as Suncore Microsystem with is alliances have common objective of helping our customers become high performance businesses by maximizing their ROI(Return on Investment)

In line with our corporate governance model and strategy of transparency, we do not solicit or accept influence or marketing assistance fees from any of our partners. Instead, our relationship focuses on joint investment in solutions, tools, and training.

There are several benefits of being our potential alliances like they have technical knowledge of expertise as we render our solution and services to our clients to accelerate their businesses, wining the customers’ trusty and finding the right market can be complicated and expensive but choosing us as the strategic alliance partner will overcome from such obstacles and assist them in reducing the entry level cost without risk factor to focus the target market. Our accrued trust of our clients will enable you as an alliance to compete more effectively and achieve better than any others.

Business Model

Suncore Microsystem is a leading global IT & Consulting company, helps its customers, assisting them by leveraging its industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and vertically aligned business model. We are consistently making out footprints through our innovative approach towards delivering business values and its commitment to our customers dispersed worldwide and we are the trusted partner of our clients in their business journey. Our dedicated team of professionals enables us to harness the latest technologies for delivering business capabilities to our clients.

As compare to other services providers, we are more responsive to the changing demand of our customers and we always identify new growth opportunities and facilitate all the possible assistance to our customers’ sectors and markets.

Our Business Model is based on cost effective tech-driven prompt solution and services to the across industry in IT , Consulting and IT-Enabled services and solutions. We at Suncore offer a wide spectrum of our services including software applications, computing storage, networking, infrastructure management, and other services too. Our Business Model is created to revolve around clients’ growth so everything revolve around clients’ satisfaction

INNOVATION AT Suncore Microsystem

At Suncore Microsystem our employees are at the heart of innovation. By channelizing the energies of our employees, and transferring the ownership of change to their hands, we see innovation happening at every corner of Suncore Microsystem. By giving them the right tools, and creating the right culture, Suncore microsystem has enabled employees to collaborate, communicate and innovate freely across teams and across boundaries. Suncore Microsystem research scholars & their co-innovation network assists you to achieve a competitive advantages through its advanced technologies which are consistently updating itself for the better business outcomes. Our innovation lab consists the research scholars across the country who have a rich experience in their desired domain/technologies like mobility, cloud computing, business analytics & social networking to develop new, powerful applications and to deliver sound business outcomes.

Our innovation is to address clients’ IT expectations, assisting them in attaining business objectives and penetrating their reach to the global market & social concerns. Our research scholars consisting engineering and management professionals who understand tomorrow’s customers, market and future opportunities so the research work is going on our emerging technologies like cloud computing, managed evolution of infrastructure, deliverance of updated digital experience to them. At Suncore Microsystem innovators are continuously working to elevate the business performance of client organizations by minimizing risk & building sustainable enterprises. Lots of other research work is going on for knowledge portal and mobile based advisory systems, green IT Solution and consulting. Therefore, anyone who have the theory, thoughts, ideas and the courage to convert the ideas into reality then they can register to be part of our research team.

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